Episode 46. How This Advisori Insiders Pro Member Went From Teacher to Digital Ads Expert in One Year

I am so excited for this episode of the podcast because I am talking to Chelsea Roberts, a former teacher turned digital ads expert who serves life and business coaches! She is also an Advisori Insiders Pro alumni and shares how mindset, taking action, and investing in yourself can completely transform your business!


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Here’s a sneak peek inside my interview with Chelesa:

How did you get started with your online business?

After I had my baby I was looking for work that was more home-based; I wanted to be able to spend time with my son and do something that wasn’t super full-time but that would also be able to support our family.

I’m really passionate about mindset, so about a year and a half ago I started reading all these self-development books on how to manifest things in your life. I was doing that for about three months when I came across your webinar – the first step for Advisori Insiders Pro – and was like, this is it! This is what I need to do! 

So I signed up for the webinar and then for the program and it’s completely changed my life! I officially started my business about a year ago. After the program was over it was an obvious next step for me to join the Alumni program, even though I hadn’t had a lot of experience yet…but I knew that once I started getting clients I’d have that support system there, so it was entirely worth it for me to stay on. Investing in yourself is so important!


When you heard about the Advisori Insiders Pro program, what made you realize this is what you wanted to do, especially because you had no background in marketing or business?

I had just been doing visualizations, and all of a sudden I started seeing your ads; I realized the program was exactly what I was looking for, even though I had never done anything in marketing. It was at the income level I wanted, it was going to help me pay off my debt faster, it was going to free up my time but also let me travel, and it just felt like a no brainer.


You have to stick with it for it to pay off.


So how has it been? You started a year ago and completely transformed your life…that’s a big deal! You need to tell us more about it!

To be honest, I had a few “small potatoes” type clients at first, and I was getting a little frustrated, but then I was like, “Chelsea, you can’t just get frustrated and stop because it’s not going exactly the way you wanted it to go. You know what your goals are, you know that you’re going to get there, and this is the perfect catalyst for that,” so I just kept going.

For about six months I had maybe one discovery call per month. I was in a rut but I kept taking action, I kept putting myself out there, I kept talking to people…and then it went up to 6-12 discovery calls a month.

So the lesson there to me was you have to stick with it for it to pay off.


And now you just posted in our Alumni group that you had six proposals just this week! How many clients are you working with now?

Yes! So it went from one call with someone who was slightly interested per month, to sending out six proposals in just one week.

I’m currently working with two clients. I only take on a limited number because I don’t want to overwork myself and I haven’t hired any staff yet. I’m at about $2-3k/month right now, but I’ve projected, if I’m going on the same route that I’ve been going this year, I should be at $10-12k/month by the end of December. 


Surround yourself with people that are at the next level. Those are the people you want to listen to because they’ve already achieved what you’re going for.


What do you think is the big shift that took you from one discovery call a month to now projecting hitting $10k months by the end of this year and putting together six proposals in one week?

It’s so attributed to not caring about what other people might think.

I follow up like crazy and I am constantly making connections with lots of people. I have these big goals that I’m going to reach! If you’re worried about what somebody thinks, someone who isn’t achieving their goals or is lacking a positive mindset, why would you listen to that person anyway!?

Having a coach or having mentors who are at the next level, surrounding yourself with people that are at the next level, those are the people you want to listen to because they have achieved what you’re going for.


How has that helped you? I know you’ve done coaching outside of Advisori Insiders Pro too.

With Advisori Insiders Pro, what I loved so much about the program was not only did it give me the training for what I would offer in my business, but it also walked me through how to set up a business, and that’s invaluable.

You figured it out for all of us, which is why it’s so invaluable that you put that into a program. That was huge for me. When I started the program I realized it had every single step that I needed to do to be successful; I just had to follow the outline.

I’ve invested in a couple of coaching programs as well, like sales and copywriting coaching. We all come in with these thoughts like sales are sleazy, I don’t want to be pushy, or it’s uncomfortable to be a salesperson, but the thing is – and you say this too – is that sales is service.


Everything is possible, you just have to put in the right steps to get there.


Tell me about the return on investment (ROI)!

As far as monetary ROI, it’s unmatched. The value that you get for the cost of the program, if you get one client, you’ve doubled what you’ve invested so that’s huge because the amount of ROI keeps coming back more and more and more.

And in the Alumni Program, we even get additional training, so it’s totally worth it.

But as far as non-monetary ROI, it’s hard for me to even put into words. I just feel the growth that I’ve had is so enormous and the mindset that I’ve changed over the past year is just really great because everything is possible. There’s no question. Everything is possible, you just have to put in the right steps to get there.


What are your daily rituals that have helped you grow your abundance mindset?

I would just like to preface this by saying that we all have traumas in our past; any kind of thing in the past has given us our existing beliefs. And we’re all there. We’re not special, we’re just willing to do what it takes.

I’m always reading a self-development book but knew that I had to have a daily thing too. I have a big morning ritual that’s it’s evolved into a vision map and a recording of my voice that I listen to, to get into that feeling of how it would be when I achieve the goals I’ve written out.

I also have a page of rules or unbreakable contracts, like getting up at a certain time of day so I can do my morning routine before my son gets up, and then there are two other pages – one of them includes what I call principles, which includes inspiring quotes and affirmations. I don’t always read every single one because I have a lot, but I’ll pick 2-3 to focus on throughout the day.

My hope is that people can get out of their own heads and go after what they really want, and it’s not greedy and not shameful to want big things, it gives you the opportunity to help other people get big things and really change people’s lives.


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