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From $200,000 In Debt to Self-Made-Millionaire

“I made $3 million in online course sales in 3 years while working 2 days per week – and I had 2 babies in that time, too.”



Anna Konchar is an online business mentor who teaches how to monetize the skills, knowledge, and passions you already have so you can put life first instead of work.

After getting her MBA and realizing the corporate world wasn’t for her, Anna made it her mission to find a way out of her cubicle.

In 2016 Anna started a side hustle as a Facebook and Instagram ads manager for small and local businesses, scaled it to six-figures while working part-time, and then turned her service into a multi-seven figure digital course. She went from $200,000 in student loan debt to running a multi-million-dollar online side hustle in less than 5 years.

She worked with over 2,000 students in her programs teaching them how to build a business that makes more money while working less hours compared to any corporate job.

What started as a little side hustle has completely transformed her life, giving her more income and freedom than she ever imagined. Now she spends most of her time with her husband and their daughters, tending her vegetable garden, and planning their next vacation.

Anna's Why

Growing up her mom was in a corporate role at a publishing company. She traveled a lot, and missed things like when Anna got the chicken pox and her first period. Anna’s mom will always say she loved her job, but it didn’t always feel that way growing up.

Anna could see she felt torn between her career and family life. She felt like she wasn’t doing her best in either. Not wanting to have a corporate career that dictates her life and makes her miss important milestones of her daughters Lauren and Claire were one reason why she started her business.

The other reason is that after both of Anna’s parents were laid off at around 50 years old her dad started having a drinking problem which led to a divorce. And while in graduate school, her dad passed away from alcoholism. It was very unexpected and traumatic, and basically made her rethink everything she wanted in life.

With her work Anna wants to help more people live the life of their dreams and have the freedom and financial security she has.

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Anna's Podcast


Your Million Dollar Side Hustle

If you’re ready to have more money, time, and energy to do what makes you happy and really live life, you’re in the right place. Host Anna Konchar works two days per week and runs a multi-million dollar online business. But this wasn’t always her life. After getting her MBA and realizing the corporate world wasn’t for her, Anna made it her mission to find a way out of her cubicle. Alongside her 9-to-5 job, Anna grew a freelancing business into a six-figure side hustle, and then packaged the skills she had into an online course that has now helped thousands of people and made millions of dollars. Anna’s business is proof that making money doesn’t have to be complicated or require you to grind 24/7, and that’s why she created this podcast. She wants more people to enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment that come with building a successful online business. Each week you’ll learn how you can monetize the skills, knowledge, and passions you already have, so you can put life first instead of work too. Now let’s build Your Million Dollar Side Hustle. Listen to the podcast to hear Anna speak here.


What Your Audience Could Take Away From An Interview With Anna Konchar

Topic #1

How to Build A $1 Million Online Course Without Going Back to School or Take Financial Risk

The e-learning industry is a $325B industry and with Covid people are more used to learning online than ever before. In other words: Now is the best time to create an online course or a membership teaching others what you know. Chances are that your listeners have fantastic skills, knowledge, and passions that others are keen to learn and willing to pay for.

On your podcast, Anna can share her own story of how she went from running and scaling a side hustle to $100,000 per year while still being in her 9-to-5 and from there packing her knowledge into a $1 million online course. Anna can talk about the mindset that is required to be successful and how to get it, common mistakes and what to do instead and also share how to make sure that success is inevitable.  

Your listeners will walk away with lots of inspiration and actionable steps on how to build and scale a profitable online course or membership.

Topic #2

Why Running a Digital Marketing Side Hustle Is the Best Way to Get Out of Your 9-to-5, and How to Get Started

Most business owners fail to get enough clients to run a successful business just because they don’t get enough eyeballs on their offer. One of the easiest, fastest and still cheapest way to get your offer in front of more people are Facebook and Instagram Ads. And yet most small and local business owners either don’t know how to make them work successfully or they don’t have the time to do it themselves. Which, of course, leads to a high demand of Facebook and Instagram Ads Experts.

Having managed over $20 million in paid media Anna has a lot of insights she can share on your podcast. She will teach the exact steps that hundreds of her clients took successfully to build a digital marketing side hustle that allowed them to leave their 9-to-5.

Your listeners will not only walk with lots of inspiration but with very actionable steps they can take to get started with their digital marketing side hustle.

Topic #3

How to Build and Run a 7-Figure Business While Working Only Two Days Per Week

Society still teaches us that having a successful corporate career is the safest thing ever when it actually isn’t. The layoffs due to Covid taught us how fragile a 9-to-5 really is, and also opened up a world of opportunities, especially for moms.

In the past three years, Anna has made more than $3 million with her online business while working only two days per week. At that time, she also had two babies, Lauren (3) and Claire (1,5), and made $189,000 during her maternity leave.

The times when women needed to choose between having a family and a successful career are over. Due to the internet and very accessible and easy plug-and-play software, it is possible to build a highly successful business on your own terms and have a family.

On your podcast, Anna can share her personal story as well as her insights on the best and easiest ways to get started with a side hustle and how to scale it to a 7-figure business.

Your listeners will walk away with lots of inspiration and motivation, but also with actionable steps on how to start a side hustle while raising kids and taking care of a family.

Topic #4

Your Idea

Your Idea

Do you have any other specific topic in mind that your want Anna to talk about? No problem, just send us an email and we’re happy to discuss it with Anna.

Gifts That Anna Can Provide For Your Audience

How I Built A $1 Million Online Course

In this free training your listeners learn:

  • How to use skills you already have to build a business that gives you time and location freedom.
  • How to make thousands of dollars per month WITHOUT having to go back to school or take on a big financial risk.
  • How to build a passive income stream with unlimited potential.

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Start Your Digital Marketing Side Hustle

In this free training your listeners learn:

  • How to create a business that gives you time and location freedom.
  • How to get paid over $100 an hour for one simple, highly demanded, skill.
  • How to build a side hustle that makes you thousands of dollars per month working just 3-5 hours per week.

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