Hard Truths of Owning A Business That Can Actually Be A Relief

Having your business or side hustle is an amazing and rewarding experience, but it’s also challenging and sometimes things don’t go as planned.

Sometimes you feel so discouraged from a failure or setback that you don’t even want to keep going in your business. But, you have to ask yourselves if you’re setting unrealistic expectations. I promise you no successful business has had a straight line to the top. These things are messy!

And there is a reason or silver lining for when things happen in our business and you usually come out of them for the better.

I’ve got some truths to drop that will be a relief to you when you feel like you’re business just isn’t going the way you want it to.

Setbacks will happen, but they aren’t forever

Sometimes when you have a setback in your business or life, and things can spiral really fast if you don’t catch yourself. 

This negative feeling can make you feel like taking action is pointless. But know that it’s not! You’re not a failure just because things didn’t go exactly as planned. When you take chances, sometimes things go well and sometimes they don’t. Failures don’t have to become part of your identity, but instead it is the lessons you learn from them that will help you move forward. 

For the most part, people don’t really care what you say or do

This is not meant to make you feel less important, but to free you from worrying about what everyone else is thinking. Here’s the truth. Everyone else is way too busy thinking about themselves and their lives to worry about what you’re doing. 

Try things, and if they fail, brush them off because people notice less than you might think. 

What someone says or does probably isn’t about you

Remember that saying “it’s not personal, it’s business?” I’m calling B.S. on that! You are so close to your business that it can be hard to separate our own identity from it. And honestly, impossible to 100% achieve that. The key to not throwing yourself off every time someone criticizes your business baby is to remember that it’s not always about you.

If someone lashes out at you as a business owner, they could have something else happening in their lives that is fueling this. Don’t take that emotion into yourself or your business. That can lead to self-doubt. If you believe in your product or service, you can make it better with constructive feedback and chalk the rest up to someone’s bad day. 

I hope these business truths have brought you some relief when you’re navigating the entrepreneurial world! 

It can be tough, and that’s why I’ve created the Reset Your Business & Mindset 5 Day Challenge!

Until next time… stay ambitious.