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This is my final update on creating a brand new digital course in just 30 days! If you haven’t seen the other updates, make sure to check them out here:

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These posts walk through everything that I’ve learned over the last 30 days, the process I went through, and what I’ll be teaching inside my brand new course, Powered by Passive Academy, which will teach you how to turn your service or expertise into a successful digital course or membership.


I’ve completed almost everything we need in order to launch Powered by Passive Academy and I’m so excited to finally be sharing it with you! If you’re interested in learning about Powered by Passive Academy because you’re ready to launch or grow your own digital course or membership, you can learn more right here.

Over the last 30 days, I went through my entire process that I’m teaching inside Powered By Passive Academy. Here is a recap on that process and what you should know if you’re ready to create and launch your own digital course or membership:


The Offer

The first part of that process is the offer — figuring out exactly what you are selling and going through my fail-proof testing system that you will learn inside Powered by Passive Academy. This testing system is how I was able to scale one digital course into a multimillion-dollar course, starting out with no email list and less than 1,000 followers on Instagram.

Whether you have a lot of ideas, or you have no ideas for what you want to teach in your digital course or membership, this testing system is going to help you determine which idea you should pursue first.

In my webinar for Powered by Passive Academy, I discuss why going through this testing system is better than just asking your small email list or your Instagram followers what they want to hear from you, and why it’s a lot more likely to tell you whether or not people are going to purchase.

Even though I already knew our audience was interested in buying this new course, I still wanted to go through the testing system to make sure this product was scalable because I don’t care about making a few extra $100 — I want every product that we create to be at least a million-dollar product, if not more, per year.

As I went through the testing system, I learned what people respond to most. For example, do they like hearing digital product or digital course? Do they respond better to passive product or learn how to launch a successful digital product without a large audience?

I tested all of these angles for selling the results — my offer — and figuring out what people responded to better. The best part about this is that I did it at the very beginning. That’s what I teach inside Powered by Passive Academy, because what you learn from your offer testing translates into everything else: your webinars, sales funnels, emails, ads — everything that you do can make a difference in whether or not you have a profitable digital course or membership.


Product Building

I also went through the product building process. This is all about deciding whether you want to build a course or membership, your pricing, and how much support you will offer to your future customers. This also involves the length of your course, what people can expect from your membership, how long it will be in order for it to be profitable for you and your customers, and all the details in between.

There are a lot of opinions in this industry as to whether a course or a membership is better; there are also a lot of opinions regarding sales systems — whether you should launch or create evergreen digital products, have recorded or live webinars — there are so many opinions about “what’s better.”

But the reality is, all of those things can be successful. I’ve helped clients grow their memberships; I’ve grown my own courses to multiple millions of dollars; I’ve seen high ticket coaching programs help clients sell out their programs; I’ve seen really successful lunches and I’ve seen really successful evergreen funnels; the thing is, none of that actually really matters.

What does matter is whether or not people actually want what you’re selling. At the end of the day, your customers don’t really care if it’s a membership or a course. What they care about is the result that they’re buying — the result that you’re going to help them achieve by going through your digital product.


The Sales System

After figuring out what’s included in our product, the length of it, and the support we’re going to offer, I started building our sales system. Inside Powered by Passive Academy, we teach you how to launch your product for the first time, analyze it, understand the data behind it, and then relaunch it so you continue to get ongoing sales.

I went through all that for Powered by Passive Academy. I built out our webinar, we worked with a copywriter to help us with our sales emails, we have the first draft of our sales page ready…we have just about everything for the initial launch of the program completed.

Now I’ll be honest, I didn’t get everything done in 30 days; I still have to record our webinar, add our emails into our email service provider, and finalize our sales page, but in addition to all of those things I just mentioned, I’ve also spent the last month building all the content for this program, and I have just three more lessons to record.

Overall, I’m really excited about what we’ve been able to do in just 30 days. I say ‘we’ because this has truly been a team effort — it’s me and my small but mighty team of contractors who have helped me put this together.

I hope this has helped you understand that you need to stop using time as an excuse to not build your digital product. When I think about the time it takes to actually create a product, and create all the marketing materials for it, it can seem overwhelming, but once you’ve completed all of that upfront work, it’s done. Plus, if you understand all of the data, which is something I talk about in our program, you can really spend that time upfront and truly create a very passive income source for your business. I’m still involved in our courses and provide support, but the amount of time that I put into our courses now, is a lot less than what I would have to do for 1:1 services.


Stop Using Time as Your Excuse

If you want your business to grow, you have to spend time on your business, not just on your clients. That might mean you don’t take on another client so you can give yourself the space to have time to grow your business. It may be a small sacrifice right now, but it’s going to be a major game-changer for you in the future.

If you think you can go through other people’s funnels, webinars, or challenges, reverse engineer what they’re doing, and see the same results…you need to understand that just isn’t how it works. If you decide to try to reverse engineer things for free, instead of investing in a program like Powered by Passive Academy, it’s going to cost you a lot of time. By not investing in a program, you’re wasting more time and it’s going to take a lot longer to see results. If you don’t have a lot of time and you want your digital product to be successful, then you need to make the decision to invest in a program, even if it’s not Powered by Passive Academy.

Learning from someone who’s made the mistakes, who’s looked at the data, who understands how to build a successful digital product will help you become successful so much faster. I was able to do this in 30 days because I have a process — a process that I’ve used for three of my own products and my clients’ products to help them test new offers and scale their digital products.

When you purchase a product like Powered By Passive Academy, you’re learning a process that’s going to help you get things done a lot faster than trying to reverse engineer for free. In my webinar, I talk about why doing what the big gurus are doing is actually not going to work for you as an average solopreneur. 

If you really want passive income, if you really want to scale your business without having to take on more clients, you need to make this a priority. Not only did I go through all of the things that I teach in Powered by Passive Academy, but I also created almost all the content for this new program in just 30 days, and I did it when working two days a week.


Don’t Worry About The Competition

Once you start in this industry, Facebook is going to recognize that so they’re going to show you that type of content all the time. That doesn’t mean that the market is over-saturated, it’s just Facebook is showing you what you’ve become interested in, which are courses and memberships.

There is so much opportunity out there — people start businesses all the time. They’re looking for ways to learn from an expert, not just pay someone for their services. There are tons of other courses out there that teach you how to run Facebook and Instagram ads for clients, like I teach in my course Advisori Insiders Pro, but my course is unique because of my process, how I teach things, how I set up my business, and how I help other people set up their business. So even though there might be 100 courses on how to grow your Instagram, you have a unique perspective.

If you’ve helped clients get results, you also have a unique process that you can teach. Don’t let all these other people who are doing it be an excuse for you to not create your own product. There are going to be people who don’t like someone else’s teaching style or don’t like their approach to things; you can attract people who are attracted to you, your style, and your process. So just remember that you make it different.


Don’t Wait Until You Have the Perfect Idea

Most people either have a number of ideas for what they could teach or they have no idea. Both scenarios are completely normal. That’s why the very first thing I teach in Powered By Passive Academy, is figuring out what you’re going to sell using my fail-proof testing system. If you have a ton of ideas, it’s going to show you which idea is going to sell the best, what people want the most, and the easiest way for you to see success when you launch.

If you have no idea what you want to create, it also walks you through the process of figuring out an idea for your digital course or membership and then testing it through that fail-proof testing system. Don’t let your ideas, or lack thereof, stop you from creating your digital product. Your idea doesn’t have to be super unique. It’s a lot better to have one really amazing idea than 10 mediocre ideas.

Don’t wait until you have the perfect or best idea to start. That’s why we go through the testing system inside the offer process in Powered By Passive Academy.


Know That You Don’t Have to Have a Large Audience to Be Successful

Another thing that holds a lot of people back from launching their digital course or membership is the size of their audience. You may think you’re not big enough, haven’t seen enough success, or that you need to wait until you’re more established before you launch a digital course or membership.

That is total BS. I launched Advisori Insiders Pro while I was still at my nine to five and while I was side hustling services, so you don’t need this big audience or need to hit a certain level of success to create a great digital course or membership.

The only thing that you need to have done in order to have a successful digital product is get a result. Whether that’s you in your business, or helping your clients get a result, that’s all you need in order to build a successful digital product because that’s what people are buying when they buy a product. They’re buying a result that they want to achieve, and your product is going to help them get there.

You don’t need to have worked with a certain amount of clients; you don’t need to have earned a certain amount of income in your business, have a certain amount of followers or Instagram, or a certain number of email subscribers. All that matters is that you have gotten yourself or your clients results.

I hope you’ve learned a lot over the last 30 days and have been really open about this process. It’s been a little crazy, but I’m so excited to finally get Powered by Passive Academy out to you guys, because it really does include everything that I’ve learned over the last five years helping clients as well as scaling my own business, to a multiple million dollar online business. I truly want to help you achieve what I’ve achieved.

If you’re ready to add passive income to your business and turn your service or expertise into a successful digital course or membership that is wildly successful, scalable, and profitable, then make sure you join me inside Powered by passive Academy!




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