Episode 67. How to Build a Digital Course in 30 Days: Week One


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If you’ve ever thought about turning your service into a digital product (like a course or a membership), or if you’ve launched a course or membership for your business, but haven’t quite seen the success that you want from it, over the next few weeks I’m going to be giving you all the details as I launch a brand new digital product in just 30 days!

So if you’re ready to add passive income to your business model that literally makes you money every single day, then grab a pen and paper because I’m sharing all of my secrets over the next four weeks.


Why 30 days and what am I creating?

As you may already know, I started my business in 2016 as a side hustle, and I scaled it to six figures while I was still at my 9-5 job. I also launched my signature course, Advisori Insiders Pro, while I was also still at my 9-5, and that course teaches you how to build your own digital marketing side hustle in just six weeks running Facebook and Instagram ads for other small and local businesses.

I launched the Advisori Insiders Pro program in April of 2018. When I launched that program, I had zero audience. I didn’t have an email list, I had less than 1000 followers on Instagram, and to be totally honest I had actually launched multiple passive products before this one.

But it wasn’t until I figured out the process that I’m sharing over these next 30 days (and the process I’ll be teaching in my brand new course Powered by Passive Academy), that I actually built a successful digital product, which is now the Advisori Insiders Pro program.

So why am I doing this in 30 days?

When I launched Advisori Insiders Pro it took me 10 weeks to do it — and I’m attempting to do this in just 30 days. The main reason why I’m doing this in 30 days is because right now I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant with my second daughter, and I made a commitment to launch this before my maternity leave.

At the end of this month, I’m going to be launching a brand new digital course called Powered by Passive Academy. This course is going to walk you through the entire process that I’m going to go through over these next 30 days to show you how to take your service or expertise and turn it into a passive income product like a digital course or membership.

So over these next 30 days, I’m going to give you a behind the scenes look at how I’m getting this brand new course up and running.

Now one thing to know is that I’m also sharing this journey over on Instagram. So if you’re reading this and have any questions, head on over to Instagram and leave a comment or send me a DM.

If you’re interested in learning more about the product that I’m creating that will help you build your own digital course or membership, you can get all the information about Powered by Passive Academy right here. 


You don’t need a big audience to create and launch a successful digital product

Here’s the thing when it comes to digital courses and memberships: I know a lot of you try to reverse engineer the sales funnels, webinars, email sequences and all of the things that you see on the internet — and you try to figure it all out by yourself. But I can tell you from experience, this way of doing things is just not going to work.

I spent two years trying to reverse engineer what the big influencer gurus were doing to make their courses and memberships work, but those influencers had hundreds of thousands of followers and giant email lists. I didn’t. What works for them isn’t going to work for the average solopreneur who only has a few thousand followers at best.

The process I’m sharing with you is specifically designed to help you launch if you don’t have a big audience. 


You don’t need to work 24/7 

I typically only work two days per week, and I plan to continue to do that over the next month. I’ll probably sneak in some time during naps, and maybe a little in the evenings, but I want you to know that I’m not working 24/7 to put this thing together.

Hopefully that brings you some relief — I know a lot of times when we create a digital course or membership, we’re also trying to balance other things in our business, so oftentimes our digital product almost becomes another side hustle — and that’s okay. That’s exactly how I got mine started.

But I also want you to know that you shouldn’t be sitting on your idea for six months or a year. If you’ve been doing that, then take this as your your sign that you need to actually act on that idea and start creating it.

I also want to mention that this is going to take me a shorter amount of time than most people because I’ve done this before and now I’ve created a process around it. This process is exactly what I’m going to be teaching inside my brand new program Powered by Passive Academy.

This process has not only worked for me, but it’s also worked for my clients. I’ve helped clients grow their online membership to over 1000 members; I’ve helped website developers build out their templates and a passive income; so it’s not just a process that’s worked for me, but I’ve seen the success of it multiple times.

The other thing that I should mention is that I do have a team of contractors. So although I’m going to be doing the majority of the heavy lifting over the next 30 days, they are going to be helping me do things like put the emails that I write into our email service provider and things like that. So even though I do have some help, just know you do not need help from a team to create a successful digital product.

In fact, I think you know what you want to sell and who you can help the best, so creating all of the things for your first digital product is actually the way to go. Remember, it’s always going to be a work in progress. What Advisori Insiders Pro looks like today is completely different than what it looked like three years ago when it launched!


Week one of my 30 day journey: Planning and Testing

The first part of my 30 days I really spent planning everything out. Since I only work two days a week, I wanted to make sure that I had a solid game plan in place for what I would be working on each day. What I’m working on over the next three weeks is the process I’m going to teach inside the Powered by Passive Academy.

The first part of this process is the offer. The second is the product. The third is the sales system, and the fourth is long term success.

When creating your digital product, everything is about the offer, and the offer is usually why most digital products fail. When I say offer, I specifically mean the result that you’re selling. This is one of the biggest things that people get wrong. Just like when I talk about selling services, no one actually wants to buy a course or a membership, they want the outcome or result that they are going to get from it.

So the offer portion of my process helps you test different ideas that you have for your digital course or membership so you can choose the one that is going to be the most profitable and lucrative for your business. If you have no idea what you want to create, but you just know that you really want passive income, this process also helps you to develop ideas for your digital course or membership.

This offer testing process that I’ll be teaching inside Powered by Passive Academy is nearly fail proof, and truly is the difference between a digital course or a membership that is a total flop, or one that makes you a million dollars. That is how freaking powerful this offer testing system is.

This is the most important part of the process of creating a digital course or membership for your business. Going through this testing system ensures that your offer is going to sell and dictates everything else that you will be creating for your digital product.


How I test my offers

I went through this process in 2018 when I was creating Advisori Insiders Pro. When I put my offer testing together, I had several ideas for a digital product that could help more people grow their businesses using Facebook and Instagram ads.

One of those ideas was what is now the Advisori Insider’s Pro program, which teaches people how to build their own digital marketing side hustles running Facebook and Instagram ads for small and local businesses. This program is actually a win-win, because I’m teaching other people how to build their own business that gives them the freedom, time and money that they want, while also allowing them help more small businesses.

By going through this offer testing process that I teach inside the new program, I was able to pinpoint which one of my ideas was going to be the most irresistible offer and be the most profitable for my business.

I teach a very similar testing process inside Successful Solopreneur School, when you learn how to position your services. A really good example of this occurred with one of our members who was interested in working with equestrian businesses. She was concerned that this was not a large enough audience who would want her services, but she still went through the process of testing her idea. She tested her idea of helping equestrian businesses versus other ideas and the equestrian businesses actually performed the best from the test. Now she’s killing it and working with her ideal clients!

I’ve been using the same process over the last week for my new product, Powered by Passive Academy. Now, I already knew that I wanted to create a course specifically about turning your service or expertise into a digital product, like a course or a membership. However, what I’ve been testing over the last week is the copy and the actual offer. I’ve been testing variations like: “Turn your service into a digital product; turn your service into a passive product; turn your service into a course or membership; or launch your digital product without an audience,” and seeing which of those things performs best and gets people more excited.

Just by running a very small test, again, the process that I’m going to teach you inside Powered By Passive Academy, I’m able to know exactly which one of those is going to perform better. Not only that, but this will help me determine which sales angles are going to resonate with my ideal audience and customers. That is the power of figuring out your offer from the beginning.


How to test your offer

When I talk about testing, I’m talking about testing your ideas to brand new audiences — not people who are on your email list, not people who follow you on Instagram — and the reason why is because you don’t want to just sell to that limited number of people.

Plus, if you can sell something to a cold audience (people who have never heard of you before), then you can guarantee that you’ll be able to sell it to your warm audience.

If you’re just selling to people who have been following you for the last two years, you’re going to tap out of that warm audience really, really fast. The money that you’re making from your offer will decrease over time because you have won’t have more people to sell it to.

That’s what’s really great about this offer testing system that we use, and that what I’m teaching inside Powered By Passive Academy; it truly is going to ensure that this product is a million dollar product, that your product is not a flop, or if you have a product already and it’s not selling like you want it to, it’ll show you little tweaks that you can make.

A lot of big influencers will tell you to launch to your email list, or launch to your Instagram followers, but I’m going to be honest: if you’re here, because you want to learn how to build a seven figure digital product, then you’re going to have to learn how to sell to people who don’t already follow you.

That’s what I have been working on over the last few days! I’ve also created all of the content for my offer system for Powered by Passive Academy this past week. I don’t recommend building the content for your product before you sell it, but I’ve already pre-sold this product to a few people (and also because my maternity leave is coming up, I want to make sure that I have all the content ready)!

Week one has really been all about planning and testing my offer to ensure that it becomes a seven figure digital course. If you want to learn more about how to turn your own service into a digital product, like a course or membership, head to the waitlist page for Powered by Passive Academy so you’ll be the first to know when it’s open and ready for you to dive in. Make sure you come back next week where I’ll be sharing week two of my journey!


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