Ready to Attract Your Ideal Client? Do this.

You gave all the right details, told people how the service or product would help them, gave a deadline and all the features, but nothing happened. 

Comment “me” if you’ve experienced this or you’re afraid to launch because of this!

It happens to business owners all the time and it can be discouraging, especially if you don’t understand why. Sometimes it’s simpler than you think. Think about, so many business owners out there are probably selling what you’re selling. Which isn’t a bad thing! That means people are buying what you’re selling. What those other businesses don’t have is you.

You may have forgotten the most important feature you have to offer.

Your story.

Your experience, your perspective, your story. No one else has what you have when it comes to your business. 

To attract a client who will benefit the most from what you offer, telling your story is crucial. Your story can show your ideal client how you relate to them, how you know what they feel and want, and where they want to be. 

Here are a few ways to get started.

Free write your story.

In our heads, our story can seem too complicated, uncomfortable, or not related to our business. But it really holds a lot of power when attracting people you can help the most. 

Start by getting your story out of your head and on paper (or google docs). Brain dump your story and how you got here, don’t worry about the flow. Then pay attention to what sticks out to you when you read it back. Start there. 

Identify what you’ve learned

After you free-flow your story, recognize the lessons you’ve learned to be where you are. Your story will be full of lessons and insights that can help you relate to your audience and help them.

Identify the main lessons in your story and create a smaller story around those lessons that will really help someone. It doesn’t have to be something completely life-changing, but if it made a difference to you, odds are it will make a difference to someone else. 

Make the message of the story about them

Maybe you’re uncomfortable sharing your story because you don’t want to make it about you. And it shouldn’t be! Your story is the bottle that carries the message, and the message is about your audience. 

It’s entertaining, it has value, it gets them invested in who you are so they are more likely to get engaged and take action. If you feel uncomfortable, remember that you can make your story about them.

Your story is powerful and creates a connection with your ideal client. No one has what you have and only you can help people your way. 

Sometimes our mindset gets in the way of attracting our ideal client, and that’s why I created Reset Your Mindset!

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Until next time… stay ambitious. 

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