How to be Politely Aggressive when Selling Your Product or Service

The truth that we wish wasn’t a reality sometimes. But, selling is necessary for growing a sustainable business. We have to hit those sales goals to stay in business and keep helping those we set out to solve a problem for!

So how do you sell what you have to offer with being super aggressive and feeling uncomfortable?

Drop a “me!” in the comment if you’ve ever asked yourself that question about selling your product or service!

The discomfort is real. Entrepreneurs feel this way every day and it hurts their sales in the long run. We have to keep selling to grow, and eventually, that means selling even more so getting comfortable with it as soon as you can is ideal.

Of course, you don’t want to be a car salesman that follows your potential clients or customers around the lot, but you want them to know you are selling to them and for them to be cool with it, right?

Here are a few tips to help with being politely aggressive when selling your offerings!

Show them the passion!

Selling something should be like inviting your customers and clients to the best party in town. Being excited about what your selling in a really authentic and passionate way sells better than any sales script. People want to know that you believe in what you’re selling and showing them that belief helps them believe it too.

Sandwich Your Offer

The sandwich technique is when you place your offer in between two pieces of value. This can help you lessen the build-up to that inevitable sell, but adding another piece of value at the end of your conversation. That way the last thing they remember is that you gave them a really valuable or interesting piece of information and it can help them want more of it. If you do this a few times in your content, people will start to notice and trust your awesome information. It’s unlikely that people will buy on the first ask, so keep asking!

Show them results

Let past client results speak for themselves! Testimonials, or social proof, are of huge value when selling a product or service. People still predominantly buy things on the recommendations of their friends, family, and peers, even if it’s online. Gather testimonials and results so you can be politely aggressive with the results you’ve helped clients achieve. 

When you have a business, selling is something you’ll always have to do or at least oversee, so having a good mindset around it is crucial to succeeding. That’s why I created Reset Your Mindset, so you can be excited to offer your product or service and attract the life you deserve!

And that’s why I’ve created the Reset Your Business & Mindset 5 Day Challenge!

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Until next time… stay ambitious. 

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