Episode 92. Recession-Proof Your Life

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Recession, recession, recession. 


That’s all anyone seems to be talking about these days! As we go into the holidays, I’m sure there will be a lot more discussion about it around the dinner table. And that’s valid! Even big companies are planning for layoffs and hiring freezes in the coming months. 


If you’re scared or feeling a little uneasy about what’s coming up in 2023, you aren’t alone. In this episode of Your Million Dollar Side Hustle, I’m talking about how we can change that fear around the recession and turn it into an opportunity. 


I learned a lot during the last recession. I learned that corporate jobs seem secure, but they really aren’t something we should depend on. When revenue is down, you become a line item on an expense sheet instead of a person. 


You can’t control whether you get laid off, but you can control whether or not you have a backup plan. Betting on yourself and having a side hustle is key to weathering this storm. Diversification is so important for financial stability.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • What I learned during the last recession
  • The importance of having a backup plan
  • Why a side hustle is key
  • Diversifying your income
  • Why a Facebook or Instagram ad business is a great side hustle


This episode may have seemed more salesy than what I normally do. But with all of this talk about recession, I really do feel like it’s the responsible thing to do because it can be an amazing opportunity for you. 


I don’t want you to struggle! I don’t want someone else to control your future. I want you to take the lead. To learn more about this program and how you can get started in just six weeks, check out my Advisori Insiders Pro program.


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Check out the Advisori Insiders Pro program

Check out my free training on how to build a digital marketing side hustle


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