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Episode 42. Why your Facebook ads aren’t working and how to fix them


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Mistake 1: The fire has to be started

The first mistake that I see businesses make when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads is that you haven’t even started the fire before investing in Facebook and Instagram ads. What I mean is that you need to be able to sell whatever it is you are offering without Facebook and Instagram ads. You have to have the fire started before you pour gasoline on it. I tell this to our Advisori Insider Pro members all the time.


If a business can’t sell what they’re offering organically without ads, then ads aren’t actually going to help.


Ads amplify whatever is happening in the business.  If you’re getting sales and you want more sales, Facebook and Instagram ads are perfect for that. If what you’re offering you can’t sell without Facebook and Instagram ads then ads aren’t going to help. This could be why your ads aren’t working.

You need to prove your concept first before using ads and that is one of the biggest things that I teach inside Successful Solopreneur School. You learn how to make sure that people will pay for your offer, service, or digital product before you build it and before you invest in ads.


Mistake 2: Turning your ads on and off doesn’t work

The second big mistake that I see businesses make when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads is that you keep turning your ads on and off, or you’re only using them for promotions. Facebook and Instagram ads are meant to be run all the time.

When you’re running ads consistently, Facebook continuously gets new data on who is engaging with your ads, the type of people who are becoming leads, and the type of people who are purchasing. The more data that Facebook gets, the better your ads will perform because they have better data to better optimize your campaigns!

Facebook and Instagram ads are not meant to be turned on and off. Every time that you turn your ads back on, you’re basically starting over. Facebook has to find all new data and it might feel as if your ads aren’t working.


When you run Facebook and Instagram ads, what you’re really doing is buying data and you need Facebook and Instagram to get that data consistently in order for it to optimize correctly.


Automating your sales is possible

Knowing where to spend your time and money can be game changing for the growth of your business. And to grow your business you need one thing more than anything else and that is more sales. But as a business owner, you get pulled in so many different directions and your To Do list is always getting longer, not shorter.

How awesome would it be to have the most important part of your business working for you on autopilot? Part of an effective sales system is getting more people in the virtual door who want to buy what you are selling and Facebook and Instagram ads can do that work for you. You can actually build an automated sales machine that works for you on autopilot, in the background, bringing more people to you who want to buy using Facebook and Instagram ads.


Learn how to use ads the right way

If you want to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram ads to grow your business, even on a small budget like $5 per day, then you need to check out my free training. You can access it at It’s a free training and it’s going to show you why Facebook and Instagram ads are the most powerful form of advertising out there and how you can use them to build an automated sales machine for your business.

No matter what type of business you have, go to to check out that free training today!


Mistake 3: Expect results but not immediately

The third mistake that I see when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads is that when you run them for your business, you expect people to buy immediately.

Here’s the thing, most people are not going to see an ad and immediately buy. You might run a Facebook ad, sending them to your online store and you get disappointed if they don’t buy the first time that they’ve visited. Or maybe you’re a service provider and you send them to your website and you’re expecting them to book a call with you immediately. The chances of this happening are extremely low, like less than 2%.

It may seem like your ads aren’t working if someone isn’t buying immediately but that isn’t true. You can’t expect immediate results. Yes, of course, you don’t want to spend a bunch of money and not see anything back, but people take time to warm up. You need to be reminding people who have shown interest in what you have to offer. That is how you build a long term Facebook and Instagram ad strategy.


A Facebook and Instagram strategy that works

Inside Digital Advertising Made Easy we show you exactly how to build a Facebook and Instagram ad strategy that gets new people in your sales funnel. Once they’re in your sales funnel, they start to like, know and trust you. Then they become more interested in what you have to offer. From there, they buy or become a client! That is how Facebook and Instagram ads are meant to be. When you aren’t using ads this way, it will seem as if your ads aren’t working. They are meant for you to use them to build an audience, warm them up, and then convert them.

You cannot run a traffic campaign to your website and then expect to see fantastic results. Just think of yourself, how many tabs do you normally have open on your browser? You are constantly looking at new things and getting distracted because someone calls you or your baby wakes up from a nap. People need reminding and that’s why with Facebook and Instagram ads, you need to build out a full funnel strategy.


Mistake 4: Make sure your expectations are realistic

The fourth big mistake that I see, and this is probably the biggest one, is that you have completely unrealistic expectations. I hear this all the time from our Advisori Insider Pro members. Facebook and Instagram ads have suddenly become this magic pill for everything and how you’re going to get rich. Right? What I mean is that people assume if you spend $500 on ads then they’ll make $50,000. The reality is that that’s not the case.

If you hear someone saying that they spent $1000 on ads and then made $100,000 from it, that is because they are targeting only their warm audience. And they have been warming those people up for probably weeks and months and years. When this is your expectation then it can quickly feel like your ads aren’t working.

Your first goal when you start running Facebook and Instagram ads for your business should be to break even. That might make you a little upset but let me explain. If you spend $500 on ads and you make $500 back but you also gain a couple hundred email subscribers and a couple hundred Instagram followers, that means that you are building your audience for free. That is why breaking even should be your first goal.


What to do with your profit

The other thing is that when you start making money from Facebook and Instagram ads, you should not spend it elsewhere. You should invest it back into your Facebook and Instagram ads. So if you spend $500 and you make $600 off of that, you should invest all $600 back into your Facebook and Instagram ads. If you continuously do this for months, your business is going to explode. That is how I’ve been able to grow my business to seven figures.

I keep on investing in growing my audience, in growing my email list and growing my number of leads. This strategy is going to compound in the long term and sky rocket your business. This is why I believe Facebook and Instagram ads are amazing. I believe in them 100%, but you have to know how to use them properly. That’s why I put together the Digital Advertising Made Easy program so that you don’t waste a ton of time or a ton of money trying to figure it out yourself.

If you want to learn more about the Digital Advertising Made Easy program, head to


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If this helped you understand why your ads weren’t working, tag me on Instagram @AnnaKonchar. I love hearing from you guys and want to make sure that I’m continuing to bring content that is helpful to you, your business and your goals!


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