Episode 43. One thing female entrepreneurs can change to make their business and life easier with Brooklyn Willerth

In this episode with Brooklyn Willerth we’re talking about our monthly cycle (yes, our period!) and how we can use our natural rhythms to our advantage in our work and lives.


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Why this topic

This topic is unlike anything we’ve ever talked about but I think it’s a really important topic that we need to understand, especially as female entrepreneurs.

Brooklyn is a certified women’s empowerment coach, a reiki practitioner, a serial entrepreneur and a writer. She helps women in business to help align their efforts with their own natural cycle so they can feel more connected to themselves and achieve better results in their business.


The four seasons and phases

A woman’s cycle is about 28 days on average and during that cycle we go through four distinct seasons or phases. There’s an energetic aspect to it and a hormonal/scientific aspect to it. If you honor each of these phases, you can really get the most out of your month personally and professionally.


Your most feminine season

So your monthly cycle first starts the first day you bleed. At that point, you’re in the winter and feminine phase. It’s the most internal but it’s also when you have the lowest amount of hormones. So that’s typically why we feel a little bit pulled away.

During this season, we feel a little more like we need space, we need to connect with ourselves. We need to sleep more. We need to be with ourselves in that moment. And then after we get out of that phase, then our hormones start to come back.

It’s primarily estrogen that will come back into our body and it starts to fire us up. This is when we start to get into a more masculine phase or spring season.


How your energy changes over a month’s time

In your spring season you’re at a peak with your hormones. This is the season when you actually ovulate. Our bodies are fired up. We feel like super sexy, super empowered. We have so much energy because our bodies want to procreate.

We then go through our summer season and by the time we enter our fall season, we’re back to a more feminine energy.

You have seasons where certain foods are better for your metabolism and different exercises are best.


The best time to plan and strategize in your business

We tend to want to work so hard all of the time. Especially those that consider themselves ambitious women but when we’re able to connect more with ourselves and our natural energy, we can get more done by doing less sometimes.

If you split your cycle, half of it is a masculine phase and the other half is a feminine phase. During your feminine phases, you’re more internal whereas during your masculine phase you’re more outgoing and energetic.

When you’re bleeding, you want to be taking more time for yourself. It’s a great time to just sit with your ideas. If there are projects that you want to take on, this is the perfect time to plan them. And any ideas you get during this period, just let them marinate because there will be time to act on them later.

We need to give ourselves permission to rest.


The best time to run toward your ideas

After you get out of your winter season, you enter your spring season and this is the best time to start running towards your new ideas.

So starting to put roadmaps together, starting to actually build out your content plan, actually build out your projects, actually start to do like the framework for your courses or reach out to people in your life.

Your peak energy comes shortly after in your summer season. When you pay attention to this, you will feel on fire. This is the phase where you want to be doing all of those things.


Evaluating your efforts

Once you finish your summer phase, you go back into a space of reflection. This is a great time to evaluate what worked in the previous days and weeks. What should you change or try next month?

Take this time to finish up projects and take care of whatever you need to do in order to feel like you completed the cycle.


Noticing metabolic changes

When it comes to food, our basal metabolic rate will actually increase around ovulation and just after it. So we can actually eat calorically more. It’s not necessarily that we should be like over consuming, but it’s being cognizant of that fact.

After your bleed, you may crave more fats in your diet and less carbs.

There are some cravings that you may have during your cycle, but if you move past the sugar and salt type of cravings and you can look at what you’re actually wanting.

As you start to flow through your phases and when you get closer to your bleed, it’s better to focus on more ground-based movements, more like yoga and Pilates where you’re connecting with yourself, but not over-exerting yourself. If you push yourself when you don’t have the natural energy, you may see your cortisol levels spike. 

Making these simple adjustments to connect with your body can make a huge difference in your energy levels, your mood and how you feel overall.


Understanding hormonal birth control

There isn’t a lot of information for women about birth control. Our doctors don’t really tell us a lot about how birth control works. So birth control itself is mainly progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone that appears at the end of our cycle, after we ovulate.

Taking progesterone all the time puts us in a limbo space where our body thinks we’ve already ovulated but there’s no uterine lining for us to shed. So what happens is as soon as you stop getting the progesterone, when you start your sugar pills, your body reacts by bleeding. But it’s not your period, it’s a false bleed.

People don’t know that, like you’re not actually even having a period. When we’re on hormonal birth control, we don’t actually have a natural cycle. We don’t go through the four phases. So you’re in this like weird limbo space.


Take this step first

If this is new information for you, the first step I would take is to start tracking your cycle. You can use an app or just pen and paper. If you want to dive really deep into understanding exactly where your phases are, you can also take your temperature because your temperature will raise slightly before you ovulate.

If you can’t just change your schedule based on your cycle then I would do things like during your bleed every single day, just do one thing that you do to honor yourself. So you can even wear red panties one day just to be like, I’m just loving myself in that way. Or take a bath in the morning or a nap in the afternoon. Making those small shifts in listening and honoring your body is a step forward.


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