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Episode 40. The Ultimate Sales Combo: Email Sequences and Ads


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Today I’m going to cover exactly what an email sequence is, what you need to include in yours and why ads are a crucial part of a successful sales combo.


Have you listened to episodes 38 and 39? If you haven’t I highly recommend you stop and go listen because I share why email is so powerful and why it’s actually more important for you to focus on growing your email list instead of your social following. 


The Ultimate Sales Combo

The reason why I believe email sequences and ads are the ultimate sales combo is because they grow your audience and build your like, know, and trust factor.


Email sequences and ads bring more people into your business and also remind people to complete their purchase and become a customer or client. The best part about email sequences and ads is that they can be automated. That means you set them up once, and then they run in the background for you without you having to lift a finger. So if you are a business owner and you want to get more sales automatically, without having to add anything to your To Do list, then keep reading because this is for you.


What you need to know about Email Sequences

Email sequences and ads can change your business and honestly change your life! First off, what is an email sequence? An email sequence is a series of emails that are automatically sent to someone after they have taken a specific action. There are typically two main types of email sequences,

  1. A welcome sequence, and
  2. A sales sequence


These sequences can be as short as two or three emails, or as long as 90+. They can truly be as short as long as you need them to be to build that Like, Know, and Trust factor with your potential clients and then convert them into a sale.


Start with value

Let’s say you are a blogger and you want to get more people on your email list. As a food blogger, you may offer three free recipes in exchange for someone’s email address. So when someone gives you their email address, the very first email in your automated email sequence would be delivering those three free recipes. Your email sequence should not stop there though. You could follow up after those three free recipes about who you are, why you started your blog, who is the blog for, and/or who do you serve some of your top recipes over the years. All of those different emails can be sent one day at a time or even a week apart from each other.

All you have to do is set those emails up once, tell your email service provider when to send them, and then they will be sent automatically to anyone that option to get your free three recipes.


Don’t just send a coupon

Another example of a welcome sequence would be if you own an eCommerce store. I remember last week, one of the examples that we talked about for a lead magnet was a little pop up that says, “Hey, get 10% off your first purchase.”


Well, when someone provides their email address, you don’t just want to give them the 10% coupon. You then want to follow up after you’ve given them that coupon to share a little bit more about how your company got started. Maybe how your clothes are made or where they are manufactured. The point of an email sequence is to send multiple emails, to share your story, and to get people to buy into what you are selling. Ultimately, you want to grow the Know, Like, and Trust factor so that they will become a loyal customer and not just someone who buys something once.


The most important thing about a welcome sequence is to be sharing value and your story. 


How a sales sequences is different

A sales sequence starts the exact same way. You are offering something of value to get someone to opt in to your email list, but with the sales sequence, our ultimate goal is not necessarily to just share a story, but to get someone to buy. Let me share a few examples of a sales email sequence.


Let’s say that you were a dentist and you want to get more patients into your office. You offer a free teeth whitening for any new patient in exchange for their email address. Instead of just giving them a coupon that says, “Make an appointment as a new patient and you’ll receive your free teeth whitening,” you need to follow up with them to make sure that they actually do book that appointment and become a new patient with a sales sequence.


The ultimate goal is to get someone to become a customer or client very quickly. So an email sequence for a dentist might be, here’s your free teeth whitening and then the next one would remind them to book their appointment. You could follow that up with an email on what to expect and then another reminder to book! 


The point of that sales sequence is to remind them to book until they do! When you create an email sequence, you only have to set this up once when you use an email service provider like Flodesk, which I absolutely love, and you can check out and get 50% off of by going to You can create these automated email sequences once, and then you never have to touch them again!


Providing value in a sales sequence

Another great example of a sales sequence is when you are opting into something like a webinar or a free guide, I use these all the time in my business. Once someone opts into a free training of mine, I share the training with them and follow that up with how I started my business and what I’ve been able to achieve.


Then my next emails are about the program that I am selling, what makes it different, testimonials from past members, and then a sense of urgency to purchase the program. The point of that sales sequence is again to get the sale.


Email automation is literally the golden ticket to getting more sales in your business without you having to do anything.


Every single type of business can benefit from setting up an automated email sequence. Now it doesn’t just end there though… let’s talk about ads.


Where ads come in

The reason why ads are a really important part of building a sales machine that works for you in the background is because you actually need to get people to opt in to your email list. One of the best ways to do that is by using ads to drive more people to whatever you are offering.


Another great thing about ads is that it reminds people and reiterates what you are sharing in your emails. So once someone opts in to your email list, you can then send and show them ads that reiterate what you were saying in your automated email sequence.


This is really important because on average only 20% of people who are on your email list actually open your emails. That means 80% of the people who actually opt into your email and have raised their hand to say they are interested aren’t even opening your emails. You need both ads and email sequences to take clients from potential clients to paying clients and that is why they make up the ultimate sales combo.


How ads help your email list

Ads on Facebook and Instagram can make sure that your message is still being seen by those 80% that don’t open emails. A hidden perk that most people don’t know about running ads is that your ads actually increase your email open rate.


Because people are seeing your message, not just in their inbox, but also in their newsfeed and in their Instagram feed, they are actually more interested in your emails! That is why email sequences and ads are the ultimate sales combo. It grows your audience and it gets people to Like, Know and Trust you. Plus, it reminds them to complete their purchase, set up an appointment, or become a sale automatically in the background.


That is how you build a sales machine that automatically brings in new clients and customers in the background without adding anything to your To Do list.


Why this is your golden ticket

Email sequences and ads are exactly how I have grown my client’s businesses exponentially and grown my own business to seven figures. That’s why I refer to them as the ultimate sales combo. If you’re interested in learning how to use ads and email sequences for your business, then you definitely want to check out my program called Digital Advertising Made Easy. You can learn more about it at You can also get my free training on Facebook and Instagram ads at


If you want to chat more about email sequences and ads, make sure to follow me on Instagram @AnnaKonchar! Send me a DM and tell me if this episode helped you and how you’re going to implement email sequences and ads for your own business! Until next time, stay ambitious.


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