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Episode 39. How to Grow Your Email List

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To grow your email list, start here

The first thing that we have to cover when building your email list is that no one wants to be on your newsletter.

I see this all the time in all types of businesses, is that you have this little banner on your website that says enter your information to get on our newsletter. The problem with this is that not a lot of people want more emails. So in order to get new subscribers, we have to offer something of value in exchange for your potential clients and customers’ email address.

No one wants to be on your newsletter.

A great example of this is when you go and shop on an eCommerce site and you have a little pop up that comes up that says, “Enter your information and get 10% off your first order.” That 10% off is what they are offering of value to you in exchange for information in your email address. Another really good example of this is exclusive offers.

So if you’re not an eCommerce site or you don’t offer a discount, you can entice people to subscribe to your email list by giving your email subscribers exclusive offers. An example of this is being the first to know about new products or first to know about new spots that are available for working with you. Treating your email subscribers as VIPs in your business is a great way to get those who are interested in what you are selling to hop into your email list.


Give something of great value

Now, another way to add more email subscribers to your email list and what I use all the time in my business is by creating lead magnets. What is a lead magnet? Well, a lead magnet is something like a free guide or a free challenge or free video training that you offer in exchange for your potential client or customer’s email address.

If you go to and look under free trainings, all of those things are lead magnets. They’re free PDFs, webinars and free trainings that are offering value to those who I want to get on to our email list.


Don’t confuse your potential customers

When you put together a lead magnet, you want to make sure that whatever you were putting together correlates with what you eventually want to sell.

So a really bad example of this would be if I put together a free guide on the top five mistakes that you were making on your website. The reason why that would be a really bad lead magnet is because I don’t eventually want to sell website development. I focus on Facebook and Instagram ads. So if someone opted in to a free guide about updating their website, and then eventually I wanted to sell them on Facebook and Instagram ads, they would be really confused.

So your lead magnet needs to directly correlate with whatever you want to eventually sell. Your lead magnet also needs to be really valuable. And by valuable I mean that it needs to actually give really good information, something that is going to help your potential clients and customers solve a small problem very quickly.


Help your potential clients and customers solve a small problem very quickly.


It needs to be something valuable because you actually want people to opt in, aka give you their email address! You also want to make sure that it provides a lot of great information because that free guide, that free challenge or that free video training is a way to build trust with that potential client or customer who just gave you your email address. Building trust with them means that they get to like and know you even better, which converts into more likely to buy from you. And that’s our end goal, right?!


Creating high value and high converting lead magnets

The really cool thing is that inside Successful Solopreneur School, I actually teach you how to put together free guides and free trainings that are extremely valuable and high converting. With this strategy, you get a lot of people on your email list before you actually create anything.

We validate our ideas of what we should be creating as a free guide or a free training before we actually do any of the work. It’s a really, really cool method that I have used again and again and again, in all of my offers and honestly creating this kind of validation method is truly what has helped me create products that people want to buy.

If you’re interested in learning more about that method, you can always apply for Successful Solopreneur School


Make it known

Now, the last thing that you need to do in order to grow your email list is you need to share whatever you’re offering of value everywhere! You need to point people to it all the time. You can create a website pop-up asking people to opt into your free guide. It should be in your social media profiles. People should be able to easily click on a link and get your lead magnet.

Anytime you post your social media, talk about whatever it is that you’re talking about, and then at the end, say, “If you want to learn more, here’s a free guide,” or, “If you’re ready to purchase, here’s a discount,.” We want to constantly be talking and pointing people to whatever we are offering of value in exchange for their email address. That is how you grow your email list.


The best email provider

You know that I am all about Facebook and Instagram ads, but the second most important thing in my business is my email list. And not all email service providers are made the same. I have tried everything. Convertkit, MailChimp, Active Campaign, aWeber, you name it I have tried it. I have finally found my favorite: Flodesk!

Flodesk allows you to build beautiful emails and amazing automated sales sequences. Your emails are going to look fabulous and convert your subscribers into paying customers and clients. If you want to try Flodesk for yourself, you can get started today for less than $20 and get 50% off forever! Yes, forever. Just click HERE to sign up for Flodesk! Until next time, stay ambitious!


Social media can wait

Now growing your email list is so important. Because I’ve focused on that over my social media presence, I hit seven figures before ever hitting 10,000 followers on Instagram. I was also able to grow my email list exponentially by combining email sequences and ads and that’s exactly what I’m going to cover next week!

I will be sharing what an email sequence is, how you can build one and why email sequences and ads are the ultimate sales combo! Don’t miss it and don’t miss last week’s episode on how to grow your business without a large following on social media!


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