Episode 33. How Lindsey Landed a Client in Her First 6 Weeks with No Marketing Experience

Advisori Insider Pro alumni, Lindsey Keith, shares how she landed a client in her first 6 weeks with no marketing experience in this episode of Ambition Pays Off!

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Can you imagine potential clients reaching out to YOU because they heard what a great job you did? That is the case for Lindsey Keith who is on the show to share how she landed 4 clients from her first client referring her.


Lindsey is an Advisori Insider Pro Alumni and mentor and you’re going to love hearing how she has built her service-based business over the last 6 months. We are talking about why she started a side hustle even though she loves her job, how she leveraged free work to land clients, and her advice for anyone on the fence from joining the Advisori Insider Pro program!


Thanks for listening today! Let Lindsey and I know you listened over on Instagram @InnoverseMarketing and @AnnaKonchar! Until next time, stay ambitious.


In this episode, we cover:

  • Why Lindsey started a side hustle even though she loves her job,
  • How she leveraged free work and landed 4 clients quick, plus
  • Lindsey’s advice for anyone on the fence for joining the Advisori Insider Pro program!


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