3 Ways to Improve Your Mindset Before You Start Your Workday

Building a side hustle or business can be challenging. We don’t clock in and out, we are working toward our dreams every minute of the day.

Some days are easier than others, we pop out of bed excited to start the day and feel grateful to do the things we get to do. Some days, or weeks, we would rather lounge on the couch and binge Netflix than do anything.

And that’s totally normal! We’re expected to be motivated all the time, but it’s a muscle we have to strengthen, just like anything else. 

Have you ever experienced a day with a to-do list so long that you completely shut down and do none of it? And then you feel guilty for not doing anything on your list. 

We can be so rude to ourselves when it comes to not doing enough, but there are ways to start the day that can help you have less of the days I described above.

Create a simple morning routine

This is a version of setting yourself up for success. Your morning can shape how the rest of your day goes. We’ve all rushed into working right out of bed, and it usually doesn’t feel great. You don’t feel ready because you had no time to prepare mentally or physically. Waking up a bit earlier to focus on yourself and take some time to prepare for the day can mean a world of difference when tackling your to-do list. 

This can look like many things! Taking a walk, meditating, having your coffee somewhere quiet, reading a book, listening to music, exercising. There is no wrong way to give yourself time to just be. 

Disconnect from things that stress you out

Does seeing your phone go off every 30 seconds stress you out? Do you check your email the moment your eyes open in the morning?

These stressors can start our day off on a frantic note. When you’re giving yourself time in the morning, try to disconnect from your phone or computer and relieve yourself from the notifications. If you start your day on edge, odds are you won’t be able to approach situations throughout the day with a clear mind. 

Find time to learn

Our days can be filled with the same tasks over and over that need to be done, but don’t quite fuel your curiosity quota. Creating a learning opportunity each day can boost your creativity and help your business. 

Buy, borrow, or check out a book on something you’ve wanted to learn more about or I personally love podcasts! Then spend part of your morning routine learning something new. Even if it’s just 15 minutes, you’ve fed your need to grow and can spark your enthusiasm and excitement again!

The struggle is real for an entrepreneur, so much of what we do depends on our state of mind, I hope these tips will help you start your day feeling clear and motivated. 

I want to help you keep this going, and that’s why I created…

Until next time… stay ambitious.