The #1 Reason Your Business Isn’t Growing

The #1 reason why your business isn’t growing might shock you.

Before I tell you what it is, put “me” in the comments below if you feel like you’re constantly working, grinding, hustling, but aren’t seeing the fruits of your labor (aka the money or success you desire). 

The #1 reason your business isn’t growing might shock you because it goes against everything we are taught in society. 

“Work Harder” 

“Do More”

“Be an Overachiever”

These things lead us to think we have to do it all. Play this sport. Be in this club. Volunteers for this cause. Lead this board. Organize this event… you get my point. 

The more we do the more success we are supposed to have. We have to stay busy, not be lazy, and always been on to the next thing. 

We’ve been conditioned that the more we do, the better we are. 

As entrepreneurs, we are “ideas people”. This means we have a million ideas and we want to do them all and we want to do them…NOW!

Then our conditioning sets in, we want to execute every idea and do more, because if we do more we’ll be more successful, right?

But the problem is, by trying to do all the things we end up not giving 100% effort to any of them.

10% here, 20% there, we’re left with products and offerings that aren’t being grown to their full potential. 

So the #1 reason why your business isn’t growing is that… 

You’re trying to do too many things.

It’s that simple! You’re offering too many types of services, selling too many types of products, launching too many courses or memberships. 

How do you grow your business? And grow by working less and without getting burnt out?

By choosing one thing to focus on at a time. 

Pick one service or one type of product or one course, and scale it. Max it out BEFORE moving on to the next thing.

By choosing one thing, you can put 100% effort into making it successful. It seems simple, but it’s complicated to ignore all the great ideas and shiny objects to focus on just one. But it is the key to succeeding.

Wondering which thing you should focus on? Start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. How am I currently spending most of my time?
  2. What product/service is making me the most PROFIT?
  3. Who do I enjoy serving and working with the most? 

All three of these should point in the same direction. If they don’t, then you know you need to narrow your focus so that how you’re spending your time is helping you serve the people you enjoy working with the most and making you the most profit. 

Niching your product or service may seem like it’s limiting the money you can make, but it’s really opening the door to your ideal customer to find exactly what they need from you.

If you believe in what you’re offering and know it solves your audience’s problem, and you work on selling that product or service, you will see the fruits of your labor!

This blog post is short and sweet because I know that you want to go and fix this problem in your business!

I also know that scaling back your offerings can be scary, which is why I created the Free 5 Day Reset Your Business and Mindset Challenge.