Can’t Find Clients Who Will Pay You What You’re Worth? This might be why.

It is one of the main reasons why businesses and side hustlers don’t achieve their desired success.

Just yesterday I had a conversation with a business owner who was struggling to get consistent inquiries and leads for her wedding stationery business. After about 15 minutes of talking about her business, her current marketing efforts, offers, etc. Then, it came out — “I think part of my problem is I myself wouldn’t spend what I am charging my clients on my own wedding invitations”. 

Uhhhhh, what?! 

How can you expect someone else to see the value in what you offer or get excited about it if you don’t even believe in it?! 

But it happens to a lot of us. The imposter syndrome is real and it happens to a lot of business owners. You’re not alone. 

If you sometimes find yourself not 100% confident in what you offer, put an emoji below in the comments.

This happens mostly to us entrepreneurs  who offer a service. As a service provider, you want to raise your prices so you can make more and work less (duh!!), but when you go to pitch the higher price you aren’t confident. Usually, this lack of confidence is due to you not believing that what you’re offering is worth the price you are asking. 

Again, how can you expect someone else to see the value, if you don’t? 

To attract clients who are confident investing in themselves and you, you have to know how much you’re going to help them. You have a lot to offer, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have gotten this far!

If you struggle with this problem, here are a few tips:

  1. Choose to sell products or services that get you excited. Passion is infectious. If you believe in what you’re offering, you’re going to have a lot easier time sharing it and selling it to potential clients. 
  2. Write down how your products or services help your customers. What problem are you helping them solve? How does it take time off their hands or grow their business? What is that worth? This will help you see the value in what you’re selling. 

Pivot if needed. If you’re not aligned with what you’re selling, you’re going to have to work a LOT harder to achieve your goals. It is okay to pivot and try something new. I tried multiple types of side hustles before finding what worked for me!

You’re not a failure for looking at your business and deciding what brings you joy, what you’re excited about, and what you feel confident selling.

If you need help building confidence, selling your product or service, and finding the right customers and clients then I’d love to invite you to my free 5 day reset your business and mindset challenge.

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